Upcoming Flywheel Events

Make A Website Look Good – Website Coding Basics 2
August 24, 26 & 31 from 6:00-8:30pm

Every website has a front end and a back end.  In this camp, you will learn intermediate front end skills specifically focusing on functional styling which is the code that makes a website look good to those visiting it.  Early bird and student discounts available!

Flywheel Office Hours
Weekly at Flywheel

Receive one-on-one advice from experts in the Triad regarding legal, financial, software development, marketing, and entrepreneurial topics.  Visit our Events Calendar  to see the full schedule of office hours.  Visit http://flywheelcoworking.com/event/flywheel-office-hours/ to see times and schedule an appointment!

For more information, visit the Events page on flywheelcoworking.com or contact [email protected]