Innovation Quarter Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

The Innovation Quarter wants to be informed! Click here to view answers to questions such as:

*Why will we be extending the Reynolda Campus to include Building 60 in Innovation Quarter?

*When will the building be finished?

*What else is going on in Innovation Quarter?

*What WFU programs will be housed in Building 60S?

*Does ABET accredit general engineering degrees?

*Does this curriculum prepare our students to obtain their Professional Engineers (PE) license?

*Will other courses be taught in Innovation Quarter besides those for the new programs?

*Will there be parking in Innovation Quarter?

*How will students and faculty get between Reynolda Campus and Innovation Quarter in a timely fashion?

*Will there be residence halls in Innovation Quarter?

*How will security be handled?

*How will Building 60 be managed?

*Will undergraduate enrollment increase?

*Will new faculty be hired?

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