Aptus Strategy Consulting is a new Triad-based management consulting company. We help our clients to identify and implement the changes needed to reach their business objectives. Our support might be appropriate if you are thinking ‘how do I grow my business’, ‘how can I better meet customer needs’, ‘my process is broken’, or ‘what are the merits of different alternatives’, among others.

Aptus means ‘fit for a purpose’ and we work alongside clients to build a solution that works for their business. We provide data-informed analysis and collaborate to implement the recommendations.

We can and do perform many of the same services as the large national management consulting firms with one key difference: our team lives locally and can deliver those services without the logistical issues and travel costs of the national firms.

Aptus grew out of Volvo Group’s internal consulting department. It has been in business since October 2015 but was formed by people with many years of commercial and consulting experience.

Visit our website to see examples of some of our previous work. If you think there is opportunity for us to collaborate or want to start a conversation to learn more, please email inquiries@aptussc.com.