Intelligent Business Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1987 with the goal to write custom software programs that would help people. Twenty-seven years later, that is still our corporate philosophy. Over the years, we have had the honor and privilege to work with caregivers who are leaders in their fields of medicine and we are consistently humbled and inspired by the compassion and dedication of our clients. Recently the company relocated their corporate headquarters to a historic building in downtown Winston-Salem. The move was strategic, allowing the company to expand its Community footprint by starting initiatives with the Chamber of Commerce, the Entrepreneur Ecosystem Project, the Creative Corridors Coalition, and through volunteerism at Old Salem, as well as other local efforts.

The building purchased in the fall of 2015 by Tango Properties, LLC underwent extensive renovations under the watchful eye of both State and Federal Historic Preservation offices. On September 23, 2016, the Historic Salem Town Hall was officially christened with a 1920’s themed Grand Opening as the new corporate headquarters of Intelligent Business Solutions, Inc.

Designed by noted architect Willard C. Northrup, the building sports a three-story corner bell tower and has both Moravian and Italianate design elements. This iconic landmark has a long history of serving the community – in 1912 it served as both the town hall and fire department for the town of Salem. A mobile iron-lung machine supported the citizens of Winston-Salem during the polio epidemic. The building was actively used by the Rough and Ready Fire Department until 1976, and five years later in 1981, the building went under major renovations and was converted to office space.

The Salem Town Hall serves as an important landmark within the Historic corridor and Old Salem. However, the innovation team at Intelligent Business Solutions is even more excited to be a stone’s throw from the Innovation Quarter. A key part of the 2016 renovation was the inclusion of an Innovation Theater that will be used to showcase the company’s newest technology offering, the Care Command Center, an ingenious solution designed to dramatically change the way patients and caregivers flow through a health care organization. The primary goal of this software is super efficiency for the providers and an extraordinary care experience for the patients and caregivers.

We’re looking forward to meeting with our clients here and showing off the city’s charm!