Autism Awareness and Acceptance month is in April, but Tar Heel Basement Systems is gearing up to kick start this amazing cause early. A handful of our employees are volunteering at  ABC of NC – an organization that specializes in working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD/autism). This volunteer experience hits home for our team because some of our employees have children with special needs. We may be the leaders in crawlspace, basement, and foundation repair, but we are redefining this industry by giving back to our community and being more than just a contractor.

On February 20, seven members of the Tar Heel team spent the afternoon with a few children that attend ABC of NC. We set up activity stations and rotated so each child got to connect with our employees and experience a new project – including a music, art, and sports station. We have dug our heels into this community to help shine some light on some amazing non-profit organizations. Tar Heel Basement Systems organizes a different Pay It Forward event each month. We take pride in helping build a stronger community and being that solid foundation.

ABC of NC is a Winston-Salem based non-profit dedicated to providing high-quality, evidence-based diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational services to people with autism spectrum disorder; ensuring service accessibility to individuals from any economic background; offering support and hope to families; and advocating for inclusion and acceptance. Since their founding in 2002, ABC of NC — which serves children and families from 17 NC counties — has provided hope and help to area families in the face of an autism diagnosis.

According to the CDC, one out of 58 North Carolina children will be diagnosed with ASD, a 33% increase since 2012. “As the prevalence of autism increases so must our commitment to raising the public consciousness,” said Casey Raymer, ABC of NC’s director of development. “As staggering as these statistics are, we must look beyond the numbers to the children and families who are living with autism each and every day.”

“And that,” Raymer continued, “is exactly what our friends at Tar Heel Basement System are doing. We are grateful for their support of ABC of NC, our work with children with autism, and the larger community.”

About Tar Heel Basement Systems

Our “Why” statement reads: “We strive to improve the lives of everyone we encounter by inspiring our employees to live the golden rule and challenge industry standards.” This statement is more to us than just words; we are here to permanently solve problems in homes, as well as support families in our community. By volunteering at incredible local organizations like ABC of NC, they may think we are helping them- but really they are helping us!