Today, it’s all about fashion.

Once upon a time, there was nothing more devastating to youthful cool than to hear the words, “It looks like (forgive the pun), you need glasses”! Those six words mercilessly moved an individual to the world of embarrassing disparagement. “Hey, four eyes” and “Coke bottle lenses” were daily mantras. The good news is, that was then and this is now.

In today’s world, the availability of fashionable, eyewear is an open door allowing you to enter a world of individuality, style, and by the way, the ability to see better. Back in the day you were sent to a frame room to pick out frames. A lot has changed since then. The Couture Eyewear pledge is that we will never abandon you in your search for the perfect pair of eyeglasses. Two generations of the Couture Eyewear Family are deeply involved in the business of getting you “seeing and being seen”.

No one is better prepared to meet your unique, visual needs than Couture Eyewear.  Our goal is to provide customers with expertise, experience, and an expansive selection of eyewear that fits their personality and budget. At Couture Eyewear clients are destined to find something that is almost never available at their doctor’s office. Opulence, simplicity, funky sophistication, stand out or blend in, the choice is all yours. With over 2,000 frames in stock it’s easy to find a fashionable style and budget that will make you smile.

Couture Eyewear is new and exciting! It boasts two convenient retail locations, single distributorship of a private line of eyeglass frames, and is a “woman-owned” small business. This is significant since Forbes magazine reported in April 2016 that about 54% of new U.S. businesses are “women-owned”. Also, Couture Eyewear owns much of the eyeglass fabrication process which keeps costs down and can translates into savings for our clients.

What do your eyeglasses say about you? Do you want eyeglasses for “seeing”, or do you want your eyeglasses to “make you seen”? Fortunately, Couture Eyewear is the answer to both of these questions.

Seeing Things Differently at COUTURE EYEWEAR!

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