Business owner Shalisha Morgan embraces her role as a woman in the tech field. By naming her company “The Geek in Heels,” she promotes her personal brand, yet she’s also making a statement for many other women and girls interested in STEM and other fields where gender gaps exist. In between meeting with clients and fixing phones, computers, and other devices, you will often find Shalisha at speaking engagements promoting a range of topics from women’s entrepreneurship to cyber safety for seniors. We spoke to the Geek in Heels in this installment of Keep it Local: Small Business Month.

When did you become interested in computers and technology?

I really became engaged with devices when I was around 10 years old and my Mother purchased our first computer. When I received the device, I was so intrigued by the DOS Command line prompt and entering my own commands. I taught myself how to navigate through DOS and have been in love with technology ever since. I truly love building with little to no instructions. I just enjoy ‘figuring it out’ as I go. I am self-taught, for the most part, on repairing devices.

What services does your company offer?

I first began solely as a cracked screen repair provider when I first launched in Kansas City back in 2014; however, as I was contacted by potential customers, my services expanded. I offer all devices repairs from cracked screen replacements, parts replacement, in-home service calls, software/hardware training, and virus/malware removal. If a device is still under warranty with the manufacturer, I will act as the liaison between the customer and the manufacturer in order to get their device serviced free of charge. If I can save my customers money, I am all for it by any means. I also offer free classes to Senior Citizens educating them on the importance of Cyber Security and avoiding email scams. Geek In Heels is a luxury repair service with a very personal touch.

What inspires you to speak on behalf of women’s entrepreneurship and women in tech?

“You cannot be what you cannot see.” Due to this fact, it is of great importance to me that young girls of color see that there is someone who looks like that may have the same background as them in the field of STEM. I want young girls to be inspired and empowered to be ANYTHING that they should want to be unapologetically. Often times, I find that women are waiting for the “right time” before they pursue their dreams. The ‘right time’ never seems to come so it is important that one take action now. If you fail, so what! What is important is that you at least tried. Learn from the failure, make changes and pivot. I want women to believe in themselves and in their dreams. I want them to be empowered by their inner power and strength. Everything that I am, was already inside of me. I seek to bring out the best in every girl and woman whose path that I cross. I believe that is part of my purpose.

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The Chamber’s Keep it Local initiative promotes community support for local business ventures. Spending locally creates a strong economy and a sense of place which gives our town its unique lifestyle. The Keep it Local campaign will feature a different segment of businesses each month in 2018. April is Small Business Month.