As the community continues building a vibrant, innovative, and diverse economy that fuels the growth of Winston-Salem, it’s time to pause and take a moment to recognize our progress. Along the way, a shift has occurred, and the momentum is building. How do we know this? Because Winston-Salem, you’re trending.  

In the past six weeks, Winston-Salem has been recognized as one of the best cities in the country on rankings that measure quality of life and business creation.  

On, Winston-Salem recently received the #3 spot on their list of the 30 most affordable downtowns to live in across America. Our city was ranked #5 in another poll that focused on cost-of-living – Livability’s ranking of the best cities for first-time homebuyers. The Livability ranking touted the reasonable median home price of $141,100, but also acknowledged that sellers were in a good position in Winston-Salem as well with homes staying on the market an average of 52 days, about a week under the national average. 

Winston-Salem’s recognition is growing nationwide as a top place to do business, as well. A report released by Wallet Hub has Winston-Salem tied with Charlotte and Austin, Texas as the top cities in the country for number of small business startups. Our strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, comprising a variety of partner organizations that offer support and resources to small business & startup ventures is certainly a part of that success.  

As Winston-Salem continues to gain recognition, the Chamber has added additional resources onto our website that can help individuals and families looking to move here to find information about our community. To go along with those resources, we’ve released a new video that tells Winston-Salem’s story and invites us all to reimagine the life we want, here in Winston-Salem.