The Economic Development Partnership of NC (EDPNC) has provided the following information to manufacturing companies.

EDPNC Covid 19 Resources

Want to make sure that others in the state know what you manufacture? Register on  This site has existed for some time and is where we are directing individual hospitals and care providers who reach out to us seeking specific resources and items.

Are you a manufacturer willing to help with production of finished PPE or materials? Is your business able to pivot to manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment? Manufacturers interested in contributing to textile PPE (gowns, masks, gloves, etc.) can contact the Carolina Textile District (CTD) for help in transitioning their production to prototype and producing medical supplies during the COVID-19 crisis. Contact Sara Chester. Carolina Textile District for more info at or by phone at 828-674-3141

Are you an NC Manufacturer that can provide assistance producing critical healthcare products?Go to and complete the form.  The NC Manufacturing Extension Partnership will share the information with state and federal leaders who are seeking needed items. This includes parts or production of respirators.

Looking for a site that facilitates connections for supplies and resources?BIO created the Coronavirus Hub to connect companies with capacity and resources with those that need them, including medical research centers, biopharmaceutical companies, testing developers and testing sites requesting supplies. The new hub will enable users to post requests for urgently needed items, as well as posting availability of supplies and capacity.

Importing materials from international locations? If your company is considering importing needed items or raw materials from overseas and you would like assistance vetting foreign sellers, please reach out to Michael Cole, International Trade Manager at the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina at or by calling (919) 794-1158.

Looking to sell medical supplies to the federal government? Go to FEMA and select the right option under “How To Help – Private Sector”.

Additional Resources for NC Manufacturers