Author: John Cocklereece

2021 is a Revaluation Year for Real Property in Forsyth County – What You Need to Know

This year is a property tax revaluation year for Forsyth County. What that means is that the value of all real property within Forsyth County borders will be reassessed by the county’s tax office. Forsyth County revalues real property every four years, and in 2017 average property values increased by about 6% from the previous… Read More »

You Just Got Your Property Tax Bill, Now What?

Most North Carolina businesses will receive their property tax bill in July or August. So, having just received your property tax bill, what should you take a closer look at? What You Need to Know about Property Tax in North Carolina Real Property: All real estate, except properties under exemptions and exclusions by statute, is… Read More »

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